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Indian states have anti-gambling laws that date back to the 19th century, but they do not specifically include internet casinos because they were not yet a thing.

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Since Assam’s laws developed before internet gambling, it is not regulated. However, as long as the casinos have their roots in the state, all other types of gambling, including live cricket betting in Assam, remain legal. On the other hand, Assam is one of the 13 states that have passed legislation to permit lotteries, so they are legal there. As a result, the state may use the proceeds from lotteries to pay for charity causes and public initiatives. As the technology required advanced over time, so did internet gambling.

You may have been aware that cricket has a unique place in Indian hearts, almost like a religion, and unites the nation. But what else? In India, it is also the most popular sport for wagering. Most fans are unaware that online live cricket betting in Assam is permitted. Cricket betting is now available online for fans in India through reputable online bookies like Ace2king.

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Assam online casinos also provide bonuses for live cricket betting in Assam, both in terms of the amounts you may receive and the wagering.


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We at Ace2king are committed to protecting your privacy and security and have put in robust security measures to defend your money and personal data. We never disclose your personal information and maintain strict privacy regulations.


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We know how important it is to give our customers smooth and comfortable live cricket betting in Assam experience. We thus provide a variety of sports, casinos, and other games with superb graphics and easy-to-use interfaces.


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Ace2king provides round-the-clock customer service to answer all of your questions and problems. Our customer service team is reachable through a variety of means.

Play-Cricket Games Online In India To Win Big!

Ace2king, one of the most well-known sports betting firms, has grown in popularity among Indian cricket fans, drawing thousands of users to place bets.

Best Platform For Online Cricket Betting In Assam

Online casinos such as Ace2king are now accessible via mobile devices, offer real-time live gaming, and accept every payment option. Just take your device to sign up at Ace2king and start your gambling journey. Ace 2king is a platform that offers its players different options according to the size of bets and the types of games.

They offer Western and Indian games due to their popularity among Assam gamers. Online betting is still lawful in Assam since no federal law prohibits it. You should thus develop your cricket betting strategy if you’re a relatively new cricket fan eagerly awaiting the return of the IPL.


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Frequently asked Questions

There are several transaction systems, or deposit methods, to choose from depending on the services you utilize. E-wallets or conventional banking systems are your two options.

Depending on the provider, it may happen quickly or take a few days! When using e-wallet services, cashing out is available instantaneously and doesn’t need any paperwork.

Choose a reliable casino that meets your needs in terms of accessibility, reliability, and compatibility. Register or sign up with the business, providing a precise address and valid identity. Reload your casino so you may use that online credit to wager on your preferred tournament matches.

A good website must possess a certain standard as the best platform in India. The website has to be accessible, have a government license, and have servers in certain offshore nations where gambling is permitted, for example, Ace2king.

The topic of legality is a contentious one that is under debate. There is no law to prohibit or control internet gambling and live cricket betting in Assam.

Experience the Thrill of Live Betting in Assam with Ace2king

Ace2king brings to you the most amazing online betting platform that lets you bet on a variety of sports and leagues from the comfort of your home. Get ready to experience the thrilling and exciting world of online betting with Ace2king. With our secure platform and easy-to-use interface, you can place bets on your favorite teams in a matter of minutes. Sign up with Ace2king and get ready to experience the ultimate thrill of live betting in Assam.

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